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"How to Run a Profitable Subscription / Membership Programme"

Your Webinar Host Peter Thomson

Peter is now regarded as 'The UK's Most Prolific Information Product Creator' As the author of 7 books, 15 tips booklets, over 100 audio and 100 video programmes written and recorded, he is Nightingale Conant's leading UK author. Peter was also recently awarded 'The Lifetime Achievement Award' by The Institute of Sales Management.
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1 Hour FREE Webinar
Tuesday 25th May 9.30 am BST/UK
'Turns your knowledge - experience - expertise into on-going streams of income'

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In this fast-paced 60 minutes free webinar...
I fling open my cupboard doors and show you all tips I’ve hand-picked over 30+ years successfully running, profitable subscription and membership programmes.
I explain for you:
  • The 5 models you can choose. How to run your whole ‘system’ from anywhere you have access to the internet. Home - office - holiday villa - beach - mountaintop - you choose…
  •  The complete ‘Content Creation’ process. You create the content when and where it suits - you. Early morning, late at night, at the kitchen table, sitting in the park, dressed or pyjamas - your choice…
  • How to get new members - like clockwork
  • ​The various ‘Content Delivery’ methods so you can choose. If you love making videos - perfect! Hate making video - also perfect! Like to write - great. Like to speak - that works too.
  • ​Why your ‘programme’ is the ideal breeding ground for fee-paying clients. Why/how you’re building a saleable asset (who knows what you might sell it for…)


Subscription programs are no longer just a trend. They’re a proven method of sharing your knowledge and experience. 
My BIG blunders, Crazy Cock-Ups and Stunning Successes all shared…

I show you how to avoid the costly (and time consuming) mistakes I made and how to make your life delicious as an author and publisher of your very own programme (or programmes).

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